What is the procedure in GST for the sale of machinery?

By mythilikrish at 2018-12-20 • 0 collector • 423 pageviews

I am getting more machinery in my factory. I have try to sale my machines to my friend. But i need to follow the GST rules and regulations for sale my same property. I am searching the value of GST rates for the machine selling. What is the exact rate for new machine buying? I have read the sum of documents and news from online about the GST issues. I am need assets rates with GST.  I want more goods and related aspects about that. I have collected the discussion and arguments in online.

I am dealing more business activities as simple. I cannot get the time for collect the solution for my problem. I need to GST rates list for goods and service for each and every country. I need the great matters and powerful points about that. I have provided my machine size and quality in inbox. I need some of helpful information and good amount for sale my machine. I am getting some of valuable tax related information’s and news in my online. I can collect the major types of matters for the purchasing conditions. I have deal the GST registration and payment details in online drive.

My friend is helping me to save the important GST matters and activities. And also he is shared me.  I need the information about the GST Suvidha Provider. What is this plan? Who are also available in this plan to use? Did you know the procedure means tell me here? I am available in online. You can share the registration information and some of legal matters to me. I read the reference materials and questions I cannot understand the real messages about the issue. I need your suggestions and powerful points about GST of the sale of machinery. Thank you

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