Fees Structure:

S.No Course Name Amount Extra Duration
1 Taekwendo 400 600 Month(1)
2 Dance 1000 0 Month(1)
3 Painting 1000 0 Month(1)
4 Keyboard 1000 0 Month(1)
5 Play Group 22500 168 year(1)
6 Nursery 25500 480 year(1)
7 LKG 28500 675 year(1)
8 UKG 31500 705 year(1)
9 Summar Camp 5000 0 Days(18)
10 Swimming 5000 0 Days(72)

Early Bird Offer:

Register before March 01st and avail 10% discount
Register between March 01st and March 15th avail 5% discount

Register In Groups and Avail 5% Discount.

Get a 5% discount on camp fees for all summer camp registrations done before March 15th if you register 2 or more children for the camps. The discount is to encourage people go in for early registration and avoid last moment registrations. Registering your children early and in groups provides us ample time to make all arrangements in a slow and steady manner that facilitates maximum comfort and fun for the children.

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Parent's Testimony:

Dinesh Krishna.B has really been very excited to receive her Kids Garage Champ trophy and certificate, we are very happy that Kids Garage is encouraging leadership skills to grow from a young age, we look forward to the February program. - Mrs.Preetha (Mother of Dinesh Krishna)

Had an awesome week at Kids Garage! Seriously guys, you made my summer vacations more enjoyable and sent me with lots of thrilling experiences which i will never ever forget in my life !. Kids Garage ROCKS!!! - Arjun

Thank you soo much team Kids Garage for a wonderful experience that you have given to the kids.... My son Prabhu is all gaga about all the instructor "sirs n mam".... Thank u so much... He had a time of his life.. (Though he confessed being scared during one of the activities bt said tht he wants to collect the badge of determination next time!) He told me tht he cried in his tent too one day coz he ws missing us... Bt I feel this experience has made him stronger n more independent..... He says he wants to go again and soon...!!! Looking forward for the next adventures!!! .............. Rekha

Pradeep just got back from R1... The first thing he said to me was "can I go back to Kids Garage again"... .............. Sangeetha