Is the camp safe for kids?

» We assure you that children will be always monitored by our camp advisors and never leave them alone. We also make sure that we conduct only safe activities that are already mentioned on the activity list.

» What is the student - camp advisor ratio?

» For every six kids we have one camp advisor who will be held responsible to look after the kids.

» What if my child falls sick?

» First Aid is available at the camp. We have arranged for a family doctor who will visit our camp on call any time .and there are 24 hr hospital 7 kilometers away in Poovandhi.

» Will we be able to visit or stay with my kid during the camp?

» You are always welcome to visit your child any day and stay with them if you can reserve a room at Farm Home the camp location.

» Will we be able to contact my kid by phone during the camp?

» We have fixed times when parents can call their kids through phone. At other times, you can contact our advisors and inform in case of any urgent message

» How is the climate at the camp location during April and May?

» The climate is not too cold or hot. During afternoons the weather is warm and nights are cool

Parent's Testimony:

Parthiv Pranav has really been very excited to receive her Kids Garage Champ trophy and certificate, we are very happy that Kids Garage is encouraging leadership skills to grow from a young age, we look forward to the February program. - Mrs.Charumathi (Mother of Parthiv Pranav)

Had an awesome week at Kids Garage! Seriously guys, you made my summer vacations more enjoyable and sent me with lots of thrilling experiences which i will never ever forget in my life !. Kids Garage ROCKS!!! - Arjun

Thank you soo much team Kids Garage for a wonderful experience that you have given to the kids.... My son Mitansh (P2) is all gaga about all the instructor "sirs n mam".... Thank u so much... He had a time of his life.. (Though he confessed being scared during one of the activities bt said tht he wants to collect the badge of determination next time!) He told me tht he cried in his tent too one day coz he ws missing us... Bt I feel this experience has made him stronger n more independent..... He says he wants to go again and soon...!!! Looking forward for the next adventures!!! .............. Rachna Sohandani Dargan

Sriyash just got back from R1... The first thing he said to me was "can I go back to Kids Garage again"... .............. Sireesha Kadiyala