Why Join Us

career-image At Kids Garage, we offer an attractive and competitive package of remuneration, bonuses and benefits.

We place particular emphasis on the professional development of our staff. We draw up individual training and career development plans based on the needs of staff. This not only enhances professionalism of our staff but also ensures that our children are nurtured and cared by highly skilled educators.

Positive Work Culture:
We work in an environment ignited with positive energy. Our people are highly participative because our work culture nurtures and values the contributions of our people. You will find that our people actively share and contribute ideas because we know that our culture allows good ideas to grow and flourish.

Staying competitive is the key to sustainability. We believe that regular training and continuous learning opportunities are an investment that will allow employees to prosper and develop their careers while giving our business a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage in the market.

Performance based Appraisal:
We know the core of our organization is our people; therefore, we have in place effective performance management systems to enable us to objectively and systematically identify and reward staff's contributions:
» Recognize the efforts and contributions of current staff
» Reward staff with compensation directly linked to performance
» Motivate staff to improve performance
» Orient staff towards goal achievement
» Retain key employees through the use of competitive compensation programs
» Attract quality employees with an effective performance management system

Work with us:
We welcome people who are comfortable in handling kids falling under the age category 4 to 15. If you think you are good in any of the listed activities please send in your details to hr@kidsgarage.in We offer attractive remunerations and good working conditions.

In addition to the listed activities if you feel are skilled in any other activity that you feel is suitable as a camp activity for kids please do send more details on the activity. These will be mainly summer time jobs with attractive remunerations and good working conditions. There are options to work only for selective camps also; each camp will be of 3 to 7 days. You may also choose to just drop in one day and share your skills with our camp children. In addition to your basic skills, you should have a temperament to work with / manage kids. Please send your resume with full details to our email.

Parent's Testimony:

Dinesh Krishna.B has really been very excited to receive her Kids Garage Champ trophy and certificate, we are very happy that Kids Garage is encouraging leadership skills to grow from a young age, we look forward to the February program. - Mrs.Preetha (Mother of Dinesh Krishna)

Had an awesome week at Kids Garage! Seriously guys, you made my summer vacations more enjoyable and sent me with lots of thrilling experiences which i will never ever forget in my life !. Kids Garage ROCKS!!! - Arjun

Thank you soo much team Kids Garage for a wonderful experience that you have given to the kids.... My son Prabhu is all gaga about all the instructor "sirs n mam".... Thank u so much... He had a time of his life.. (Though he confessed being scared during one of the activities bt said tht he wants to collect the badge of determination next time!) He told me tht he cried in his tent too one day coz he ws missing us... Bt I feel this experience has made him stronger n more independent..... He says he wants to go again and soon...!!! Looking forward for the next adventures!!! .............. Rekha

Pradeep just got back from R1... The first thing he said to me was "can I go back to Kids Garage again"... .............. Sangeetha