S.P.Varadharajan (Founder & MD)
Malaysia S.Pandian (Founder)
P.Saraswathi Pandian (Founder)

Who We are


» Parent should trust and depend on our brand for the childs overall development.

» Balanced portfolio of activities.



Raise the next gen (?) of children with:
» Exposure to natural learning environments (Flora/Fauna)
» Life Skills(Physical activity, Social Skills & Civicsence)+competency
» World view (Multidimensional Personality) - Art, Sport/Outdoor, Intellectual Pursuit
» Supplement school life + support parents.


who we are

Mr. S.P.Varadharajan, Founder of Kids Garage, has been an educator for over 14 years and has been instrumental in starting and development of Kids Garage to offer parents and their children a nurturing environment to spend time together and play. Kids Garage also encourages effective communication between parents and staff, including active involvement in the child enrichment.